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Silent Uproar welcomes both represented and unrepresented writers. We programme and select writers that fit in with our Artistic Policy.

Silent Uproar creates fun nights out to make the world less shit. Our work is ‘alternative theatre’- making shows inspired by movies, comics, comedy gigs and taboo topics.

Our theatre is made for the young, the angry, the freaks and the geeks- anyone who is passionate about big ideas, pop-culture, and making the world a little bit better. We give our fans fun nights out to share with their mates, that are just as good as a comedy gig or a night at the cinema.

We are really keen to work with writers:

  • that are interested in creating theatre that provides audiences with a fun night out.

  • whose identity is currently under-represented in modern theatre.

  • who are interested in telling stories from genres that you rarely see on stage, but consistently see in pop culture - Sci-Fi, Horror, Westerns, Comedies, True Crime, Satire, Graphic Novel/Film adaptations for the stage, etc.

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What we are interested in:

  • Work that is socially/politically relevant

  • Work with a sense of humour

  • Work that does not take itself too seriously - We love work that talks about ‘serious stuff’ in unserious ways

  • Work that is provocative

  • Work that is playful

  • Work that is inclusive and represents the diversity of the North of England/UK. (This is something we are striving to be better at as a company)

We are LESS interested in:

  • Historical Biopics

  • Modern day adaptations of classical plays

  • Kitchen-sink dramas

  • TV Scripts

UNLESS they are a fun and accessible take on these genres.

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