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Out Loud 3

We're delighted to announce the writers who have been selected for the Freedom Festival edition of Out Loud, our scratch night for upcoming playwrights.

Niall Ransome and Hannah Scorer will both have excerpts of their work brought to life in one-off video recordings, to be made available on the Freedom Festival website next weekend.

Alligators by Niall Ransome

A young girl living on a council estate who is caught trying to steal who an old woman’s house and is sentenced to look after her a few times a week.

Written by Niall Ransom

Directed by Alex Mitchell 

Performed by Sophie Clay

Can We Be Friends? by Hannah Scorer

A five-year-old who wants to meet her dad and takes matters (and her mum’s phone) into her own hands.

Written by Hannah Scorer

Directed by Paul Smith

Performed by Anna Wilson, Danni Harris, and Josie Morley 


See these exciting new pieces of work-in-progress click here to go to the Freedom Festival website.

They will be available from 4th-6th September.