We have witnessed first-hand how a little support can go a long way for writers who are at a pivotal point in their careers, being able to focus on your writing rather than pulling pints prevents an artist’s career stalling before it has begun. Some of the artists we have supported at just the right time have gone onto work for major BBC television shows, the National Theatre, to even international companies such as Netflix.

We are currently working up some more programmes to support writers at vital stages in their development, however in the mean time here is some more information about how to submit your scripts & what we are looking for.

Script Submissions

Silent Uproar welcomes submissions from both represented and unrepresented writers, we programme and select writers that fit in with our Artistic Policy:

“Silent Uproar tells stories inspired by movies, jokes and big bold ideas to make the world a little bit less shit”. 


Writers are at the forefront of this work. We operate as an alternative new writing company dedicated to creating intellectual populism, work that is relevant and most of all entertaining. 


  • Writers that are interested in creating theatre not for standard theatre audiences/crowds.

  • Writers that are interested in telling stories that you rarely see on stage, but you see consistently see in pop culture - Sci-Fi, Horror, Musicals, Westerns, Detective Thrillers, Comedies, True Crime, Graphic Novel or film adaptations for the stage etc.

  • Work with a sense of humour to it: “Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT A JOKE IN IT...”- Joss Weadon

  • Work that passes the Bechdel test.

  • Work that represents the diversity of the UK


  • Biopics

  • Adaptations of classical plays

  • Kitchen-sink dramas

  • Plays about how difficult it is living in London/New York/Anywhere fancy.


We will accept previously written scripts, or treatments specifically written for Silent Uproar. If applying with a treatment, please ensure it’s no more than 5 pages long and includes some exploratory scenes.

HOw We Commission work

We commission work for two different programmes:

  • Main Feature: work that is created for theatres and tours the UK

  • Live & Local: work that isn't created for theatres, instead these shows happen in places where people feel a bit more comfortable in (clubs, pubs, bars, cafe's etc).

The stories we commission/produce must be bold, entertaining and relevant for audiences who feel more comfortable at the cinema or at a stand-up gig than they do at the theatre. Simply we are looking for writers who want to create fun-nights out to make the world a little bit less sh*t. 


  • An entertaining/exciting night out. Created for an audience that feels more comfortable at the cinema or a stand-up gig than their local theatre. 

  • Socially/politically/intellectually relevant- if we bring people for a good night out we must talk about something worthwhile. 

  • Be written for between 2-5 people

To submit us a script please email our Artistic Director Alex Mitchell: alex.mitchell@silentuproarproductions.co.uk

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