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The ‘Writer Care Package’ programme supports a selection of writers over the course of a year through a series of small provisions.

We are always aware that the number of people we want to commission will always be higher than the number of people we have capacity to commission, and that is always pretty rubbish!

We thought we would come up with these care packages as a small gesture for the playwrights we love & think are really cool but we might not have the capacity to work with (just yet!)

The playwright will be sent a box of goodies including- a t-shirt, a hull-themed present, and a grant for £300 to be spent however they wish. Whatever they think would be most useful to help their career- It could go towards a new laptop, seeing some theatre shows, or their rent.


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 writer care 


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On top of this we will also be readily available with a bit of dramaturgical support. If that’s just having someone read over a draft you're working on, using some of our office space, or booking out some rehearsal space to work on something- we are open to responding to those writers' needs.

We have seen first hand how a little support can go a long way, and we hope these small care packages & chats will be of use.

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  • 1-to-1 support meetings with Silent Uproar (reading drafts of scripts & dramaturgical support, advice from our producers, networking events, etc.)

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 we will offer: 

  • A small cash grant of £300 to help take some time to develop your career (travel, seeing shows, meetings, some child-care, 100 X £3 cups of tea, etc.)

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 the writer support plan 

 is supported by: 


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