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This programme aims to support a selection of writers over the course of a year through a series of small provisions.

We will offer: ​​

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 writer care 


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  • A small cash grant of £300 to help take some time to develop your career (travel, seeing shows, meetings, some child-care, 100 X £3 cups of tea, etc.)

  • 1-to-1 support meetings with Silent Uproar (reading drafts of scripts & dramaturgical support, advice from our producers, networking events, etc.)

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We are looking to support writers who:

  • Were born, raised and/or live in the North of England

  • Have already completed one full-length script / production/commission

  • Could work well with us as a company and are interested in our

  • style of work (please see the Artistic Policy for more info)

  • Are caught between the tricky stages of ‘emerging’ & ‘emerged’.

Silent Uproar will get back to every writer that applies via the open script submission window. Every script will be read by Silent Uproar’s small core team, and our script reading team made up of associate artists.

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 DON't know us but want to be 

 considered for support? 

We will be launching an open script submission window on our website. We wish to use this as an opportunity to build relationships with writers so we can get to know them and their work better. This will help us understand how we can best collaborate in the future/what support we can give.

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