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Don Jon
by laura turner

​Spectrum Nightclub, Hull, 1-4 October 2014

"Director Alex Mitchell has created a tight and effective ensemble and directs the action with pace and charity. Whilst the movement sequences between Jon and El (Alice Beaumont) provide exciting and skilful imagery"
British Theatre Guide

Don Jon only wants one thing, he wants you to want him. He needs you to need him. Don Jon is based on the classical legend of Don Juan/Don Giovanni; however, Silent Uproar’s modern day appropriation, devised and created with writer Laura Turner, modernizing classical tale and throws in the roller-coaster of the blaring lights and blood pumping sound of today’s club culture. This is a tale more than greed and lust; we want to show the problems of today, to speak about the issues of gender and sexuality within today's club culture.

"As the lethal Don Jon, James Stanyer gives a sexy, credible and charismatic performance. He dominates the action- as indeed his character should"
British Theatre Guide

James Stanyer
Alice Beaumont
Jess Morley 
Matthew May
Ellie Brammar
Alice Palmer

Finlay McGuigan 
Ziville Virkutytė
Oliver Dawson
Rachel Drayton
Andrew Ross
Jack Fielding
Erdogan Elma
Rachel Harris

Anna Wilson: Vocals
Jon Calvert: Guitar
Jack Chamberlain: Drums

Writer: Laura Turner
Director: Alex Mitchell
Production Manager: Jon Calvert
Designer: Alex Brook
Stage Manager: Jose Tevar 
Musical Director: Gary Cameron
Costume Designer: Kasenya Dudley 


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