by alex oates 

In association with Assemble Fest 2015

​Hull, Newland Ave, ​Saturday 23 May 2015

Part of Lyn Gardner's Guardian Theatre Picks of the Week

Commissioned by Assemble Fest, we took a promenade adaptation of the Brothers Grimm classic Hansel and Gretel to Newland Avenue, giving it a fresh, modern twist. The story followed a young homeless lad, Hansel, on an exuberant journey as he shared the tale of how he and his sister, Gretel, found themselves on the streets. The audience discovered how one day their lives changed forever due to the misfortune of meeting a malicious character, whose only wish was to use and exploit the young duo.  

The performances used silent disco headsets, a travelling sound designer, live and recorded music and a pop-up set to transport viewers into Hansel and Gretel’s world. Still a fairy tale at heart, it was delivered in a way that transformed familiar surroundings into something far more sinister and exciting.  

Marc Grahem
Alice Beaumont
James Stanyer

Writer: Alex Oates
Director: Alex Mitchell
Stage Manager & Sound Designer: Jon Calvert
Designer: Alex Brook
Costume Designer: Terry Herfield Collie

Images: Facet Photography


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