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by alex oates 

In association with Assemble Fest 2015

​Hull, Newland Ave, ​Saturday 23 May 2015

Part of Lyn Gardner's Guardian Theatre Picks of the Week- 22.05.15

Commissioned by Assemble Fest, we made a promenade adaptation of the Brothers Grimm classic Hansel and Gretel, performed on Newland Avenue.


The story followed a young homeless lad, Hansel, as he shared the tale of how he and his sister, Gretel found themselves with the misfortune of meeting a modern-day witch, whose only wish was to use and exploit the young duo.  

The performances used silent disco headsets, a travelling sound designer, live and recorded music and a pop-up set to transport viewers into Hansel and Gretel’s world. Still a fairy tale at heart, it was delivered in a way that transformed familiar surroundings into something far more sinister and exciting.  

Marc Grahem
Alice Beaumont
James Stanyer

Writer: Alex Oates
Director: Alex Mitchell
Stage Manager & Sound Designer: Jon Calvert
Designer: Alex Brook
Costume Designer: Terry Herfield Collie

Images: Facet Photography


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