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Park Life
by Lydia Marchant

Sirius Academy West in association with Silent Uproar as part of the Hull 2017 Creative Communities Project.​


Pickering Park, 12-14 July 2017

Mia's got 4087 followers on Instagram, gets 300 likes on every selfie , and her eyebrows aren't just sisters, they're twins. Mia's  hangout is Picky Park with her mates and a gaggle on hangers on who hang on her every word because Mia's just so funny and so... ugh perfect. Everybody wants to be Mia. But Mia's life isn't as amazing as it seems, and her mates are about to find out that she needs them in her life, even more than they need her in theirs.

In Park Life, young people are given a voice and the freedom to reveal their own park lives. Pickering Park provides a living backdrop for this light-hearted drama as the characters convene to find love, to fight, to make memories and to escape from the confines of the world outside the park.

This devised, site-specific performance will take audiences on a journey through the park and through the lies of a group of dynamic young characters.

Students from Sirius Academy West have collaborated with theatre makers Silent Uproar and local writer Lydia Marchant to create a vibrant new play to be staged at various locations within Pickering Park.

Ebony Branigan
Louise Brooke
Emily Coleclough
Rubi Dunn
Jack Fitzgerald
Libby Fox
Paige Hartley
Caitlin Hill
Daniel Hird
Emily Holt
Esme Kendall
Emily Marcinkowski
Phoebe Perryman
Elliott Potter
Joshua Simpson
Aidan Staves
Kenon Varley-Wade
Jake Wallace
Starr Williams


Writer: Lydia Marchant
Director: Alex Mitchell:
Sound Designer: Jon Calvert
Project Co-ordinator: Julia Quillan


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