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The Rebel Care Packages support a selection of writers over the course of a year through a series of small provisions. 

We're always aware that the number of people we want to commission will always be higher than the number of people we have capacity to commission, and that's always pretty rubbish!

The Rebel Care Packages are a small gesture for playwrights we love & think are really cool but we might not have the capacity to work with (just yet!)


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 REBEL care 


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 Rebel care packages include: 

  •  A small cash grant of £300 to help take some time to develop your career (travel, seeing shows, meetings, some child-care, 100 X £3 cups of tea, whatever's most helpful for you.)

  • 1-to-1 support meetings with Silent Uproar (reading drafts of scripts & dramaturgical support, advice from our producers, networking events, etc.)

  • A box of goodies - a Silent Uproar T-Shirt, a playscript of your choice and a Hull themed gift! 

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 rebel care packages 

 are supported by: 

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