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Small plans
by morgan sproxton

Hull Truck Theatre, 3-5 July 2014

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, 4 October 2014

The Carriageworks, Leeds, 6 November 2014


“Performed beautifully by Alice Beaumont as Katy Carr, from the very first moment the stage (literally) bursts into life”
Younger Theatre

How do you go about your life when you're not entirely sure what it means anymore? Katy Carr discovers at twenty-seven that she has to re-evaluate her life. Do the things that she once thought were so important mean anything at all now?

“Mitchell creates a world that is wonderfully atmospheric, perma-tinged with the discordance that secretly lies at the heart of Katy’s story”
A Younger Theatre

Alice Beaumont
Jonny Neaves
Jose Tevar

Writer: Morgan Sproxton
Director: Alex Mitchell
Tour Manager and Designer: Alex Brook.
Stage Manager: Jon Calvert
Lighting Designer: Adam Foley
Marketing Manager: Rich Sutherland
Tour Producer: Mungo Arney

​Small Plans was supported by Hull City Council, Arts Council England, Hull Truck Theatre, Marlowe Theatre, and the Leeds Carriageworks

​Images: Shoot J Moore


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