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All Of Us Are Dead

We're excited to be taking 'All Of Us Are Dead', a new play by Maureen Lennon, for a play reading evening at Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough on 26th July 2021.

Katie and Hannah love murder. They go to bed listening to podcasts about serial killers, they clutch blankets glued to gruesome documentaries.

They're in deep. Burrowing beneath the skin, beneath the guts, beneath the veins and blood and mess of flesh. They're not sure if they can stop and they're not sure if they want to.

All of Us Are Dead is a twisted coming of age story about our deepest fears and how we seek to control them. It's a play about holding your breath as you walk home at night. It's a play about the edges of us and how the world sharpens them.

Maureen Lennon is a Hull playwright and is currently part of our 'Troublemaker gang' of supported writers. Troublemaker is a new writing initiative dedicated to championing daring writers to create bold and provocative new work on northern stages for younger northern audiences. The programme is led by Silent Uproar and supported by Hull Truck Theatre, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse, Red Ladder Theatre and the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

Age guidance 16+

Content Warning: Strong language, themes and discussions of sexual assault, violence and murder.

Monday 26th July, 7.15pm, £5 tickets

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