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Human Electric Tree opens tonight!

Our co-production with Hull Truck Theatre's 16+ Youth Theatre opens tonight in the Hull Truck Studio, and we can't wait for you to see it!

The Almost Adults are... almost adults. They have spent the best part of the last two decades in our 'flawless' education system. This system will allow the Almost Adults to be happy and achieve all their dreams. They will get perfect families, the job their parents told them they always wanted and will definitely definitely never create any psychopaths. The fact that Jackson is failing and fantasying about strangling his teacher, and Brown is bored out of her mind, must have nothing to do with a desire to turn children into perfect robots... right?

We're working with Sunday Times Award Winning Playwright & Performance Poet Josh Overton & Hull Truck Theatre's Youth Theatre to create Human Electric Tree.

A raucous, weird & entertaining look at the systems we put young people through. 

​For fans of American Psycho, Scroobius Pip and The History Boys

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