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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Silent Uproar are looking for an Audience Development/Engagement Manager that will work alongside the tour of Thank You For Doing Nothing, our new comedy musical about climate change.

Audience Development Manager


Deadline for Application: 9am, Tuesday 3 March

Interviews: Friday 6 March, Manchester or via Skype

Appointment: Week Commencing 9 March

Fee: £2000

The role of the Audience Development Manager will be to work with the Silent Uproar team to drive elements of marketing, whilst also engaging potential audiences, communities and other groups around the country around the themes of climate change.

You don’t have to be a climate change expert to take this role, the idea is to reach out to charities, groups and individuals that we can work with and create connections with audiences before and after performances.

The performance wants to create a path for audiences to feel empowered and have confidence in taking control of their own impact on the climate - as well as feeling part of a group that feel empowered to make a difference.

This would be a freelance role, with space to work with Silent Uproar in the office in Hull - or remotely if easier.

This role would include running some events with local groups, where the performance will be going to discuss issues on climate change - hopefully working with local partners and the venues to do so.

Job Description:

  • Check in with venues about weekly sales and more frequently towards the beginning of the run with those venues

  • Work with the Silent Uproar team to provide more assets for venues as and when they require them

  • Connect with communities who can share more information about the performance in their local area

  • Ensure elements of marketing, print and digital marketing are being rolled out effectively

  • Liaise and coordinate with groups and charities that are local to venues, to engage them pre and post show with themes around the performance

  • Be imaginative in crafting a digital campaign that might use elements of the performance, or simply connect with local groups to raise awareness about the performance

  • Manage and run local events with groups to discuss what more might be able to be done locally about climate change

  • Create engagement materials for audiences for when they leave the performance with our designers and creative team

  • Send out written press releases to local press

Essential and Desirable Skills:

We want this appointment to be as open to as many people as possible, so we’re not asking for any essential skills, but desirable ones can be of a mixture of the below - with some and not others. So don’t be put off if you feel you don’t have a solid knowledge of all of these:

  • A good knowledge of how to use social media platforms

  • Really good people skills and communication skills

  • A knowledge of digital editing software (Photoshop, FinalCutPro, etc) would be great, but not essential

  • Some experience in marketing and communications (again not essential)

  • An awareness of climate change charities, networks, etc

  • Confidence in delivering workshop sessions, or talking to a group of people

  • Ability to read sales reports

Time Commitment and Fee

This is a freelance opportunity, with a total fee of £2,000. This could be divided up into 2 days work a week for 10 weeks, or 20 days work taken at a time that suits the project best. The tour dates can be seen here, running into July but with weeks off in between. We’d look at a schedule that best fits any other commitments you might have as well as times that work for the tour.

We would aim to appoint the person by 9 March, but this can be discussed if an issue.

About Silent Uproar:

Silent Uproar create fun nights out to make the world a little bit less sh*t

We are an award-winning Hull theatre company, commissioning provocative and playful writers and some of the best artists across the UK to create work that playfully discusses big ideas to broker vital conversations.

We're inspired by Pixar, Image Comics, Netflix, Middle Child Theatre, John McGrath, Joan Littlewood, and Brecht.

Our dream is to develop a theatre audience for the Netflix generation. An audience that will be as excited for a night in their local theatre as they would be at the cinema or a stand-up comedy gig.

Silent Uproar aim to find alternative ways to engage new audiences in the city by bringing some of the best new writers and artists from across the UK to Hull. ​The company is run by a core team of members, and also have a series of regular collaborators and associates that work with us on a project-by-project basis.

Silent Uproar is a supported company of Hull Truck Theatre, supported by the Hull Independent Producer Initiative (HIPI) and have been part of New Diorama Theatre’s Supported Company Scheme (2016-2017).

To Apply

Please send a one pager, about why you’d like to work with Silent Uproar, and in particular, why you’d want to work on the performance of Thank You For Doing Nothing. Things to include would be:

  • A brief run down about how you would develop audiences in different parts of the UK

  • Ideas around social media engagement

  • Ideas around how you might work with venues to reach a new audience

  • How you might encourage audiences to think about their own climate impact post show

  • What you might like to give audiences to help them think more about the environment, and allow them to make good decisions on how they

We’re really happy to accept a CV or a list of your most relevant experience attached to this.

Please email these to office@silentuproarproductions by Tuesday 3rd Match, 9am

We really look forward to hearing from you!

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