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Silent Uproar is a not-for-profit organisation and all our work is funded project-by-project. Every penny makes a difference in allowing us to collaborate and work with some of the best writers and artists across the UK. 


​Below is usually what we have to fundraise to cover costs, and what your donations could contribute towards.

​£50​ - This could allow us to commission a local artist to design our next poster.

​​£100 - This could allow us to pay for students' travel so they can learn and train on one of our productions.

£250 - This could help us continue our Pay What You Decide scheme, allowing people to come and see work who potentially might not be able to afford it.

​£500 - This could allow us to get a writer's script published.

​If you have a penny or two (or three, we're not picky) and you’re up for flinging it our way, it really does make a difference and we would truly appreciate it. 

Please click on the Donate button to make a one-off donation to Silent Uproar securely through PayPal.

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